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Professional Selling Skills

Learn the art of Selling!

Ups and downs in business and marketing are a continuous phenomenon. At certain times the economy is booming and at other times it is slumping. The best and most effective way to keep your sales figures strong is by having a team of highly motivated sales staff. This can be achieved by continuously coaching your sales force. The Coach Your Sales Team program offers an in-depth approach to coaching. Sales Trainees freely interact with the sales coach for removing their doubts and difficulties. The program also trains the Sales Heads to understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of their Sales Team during the process of sales. In addition, the impact on individual performance and collective team performance is monitored through simple methods discussed during the program. The program also offers unique strategies to train sales personnel who are offered tactics right from cold calls to closing the sales.

  • Explain and demonstrate the selling and buying processes. 

  • Plan and prepare for meetings. 

  • Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to the customer’s responses. 

  • Explain how effective communication can assist them when conducting a sales interview and building long term relationships with customers. 

  • Match product solutions to customers’ individual needs. 

  • Identify different buyer types. 

  • Demonstrate how to gain customer commitment to the next step. 

  • Detail how to close a sale effectively, or gain commitment to future action.

How you will benefit

  • Professional Selling Skills training effectively uncover and discuss customer needs, improving in-the-moment interactions with buyers.

  • Professional Selling Skills builds a seller's ability to lead mutually beneficial sales conversations with any customer, any time.

  • Millions of sales professionals around the world have benefitted from the effective selling skills that are taught in this sales training course. 

  • Sales training programs often fall short on ROI and lack direction. Professional Selling Skills is a research-based sales training program designed for every seller -- regardless of position or tenure. 

  • Highlighting the sales best practices that sellers need to excel at quota attainment, new business development and account growth, this sales training program hones and develops universal sales skills to exceed quota.


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